Psalm 19:1 – The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Let everything praise the Lord–in gratitude–for the many blessing He has given us. The Psalms are more than just words of wisdom. They testify of Jesus Christ. They foretell of Jesus Christ. They bear powerful witness of the divine mission of Jesus Christ. Yes, the Psalms are more than just words of wisdom. Here is just a small list of how the Psalms prophesize of the Savior.

Psalm 107:23–30
He would calm waters.
Matthew 8:23–27
Jesus calmed winds & waves.
Psalm 69:8
He would be a stranger to his people.
John 1:11; 7:5
Jesus’ own people did not receive or believe.
Psalm 41:9; 55:12–14
He would be betrayed by a friend.
John 13:18, 21
Jesus was betrayed by a friend.
Psalm 69:20
He would suffer alone.
Mark 14:32–41
Jesus suffered alone.
Psalm 22:7–8
He would be scorned and mocked.
Matthew 27:39–43
Jesus was scorned and mocked.
Psalm 22:16
Hands and feed pierced.
Mark 15:25
Jesus was crucified.
Psalm 22:18
Cast lots for His clothes.
Matthew 27:35
The soldiers cast lots for Christ’s clothes.
Psalm 22:1
He would feel forsaken.
Matthew 27:46
Jesus asks, “why hast thou forsaken me?”
Psalm 69:21
He would be given vinegar for thirst.
John 19:28–30
Jesus was given vinegar for his thirst.
Psalm 34:20
His bones will be protected.
John 19:33–36
None of Jesus’ bones was broken.
Psalm 31:5
He would commend his spirit.
Luke 23:46
Jesus commended his spirit to the Father.
Psalm 16:10
He would not see corruption of his body.
He would not see hell.
Acts 2:31–32; 13:34–35
The Savior’s flesh did not see corruption.
(His body was raised up in the Resurrection).