Romans 5:8 – Forgiveness

He died for the ungodly; he died for the guilty sinful creatures, and therefore deserving to perish; not only mean and worthless, but vile and obnoxious, unworthy of such favour with the holy God. Being ungodly, they had need of one to die for them, to satisfy for guilt, and to bring in a righteousness.

Very few would die for a good man. But we are all sinners. We all fall short of the full glory of God. We are all in the same boat and maybe that is why God asks us to help each other out, love one another and judge not.

Christ died for sinners (Rom. 5:8), neither righteous nor good; not only such as were useless, but such as were guilty and obnoxious; not only such as there would be no loss of should they perish, but such whose destruction would be certain if they faced God’s full justice. If we can be forgiven of our sins, should we not try and be Christ like and forgive others? If we feel the grace of God, shouldn’t we give that grace of forgiveness to others?