Mark 9:23 — Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

He graciously encourages the strength of his desire; “All things are possible, will appear possible, to him that believes the almighty power of God, to which all things are possible;” or “That shall be done by the grace of God, for them that believe in the promise of God, which seemed utterly impossible.” Note, In dealing with Christ, very much is put upon our believing, and very much promised it. Canst thou believe? Darest thou believe? Art thou willing to venture thy all in the hands of Christ? To venture all thy spiritual concerns with him, and all thy temporal concerns for him? Canst thou find in thy heart to do this? If so, it is not impossible but that, though thou has been a great sinner, thou mayest be reconciled; though thou art very mean and unworthy, thou mayest get to heaven. If thou canst believe, it is possible that thy hard heart may be softened, thy spiritual diseases may be cured; and that, weak as thou art, thou mayest be able to hold out to the end.